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Why a Destination Wedding in the First Place? 

Affordability is usually #1! Did you know the average traditional wedding costs about $29K-$31K .  As it turns out, the dream of a Destination Wedding can easily become a reality.  The decision to choose a Destination Wedding has many advantages including lower costs, more quality time with family and friends and the opportunity to combine a vacation with a wedding celebration. It also helps couples to motivate friends and family located across the country to gather in an amazing location. The challenges of scheduling the wedding date based on church or reception venue availability is eliminated. This is a stress-free option.






Seeing is Believing – Mexico Weddings: 

Never should someone blindly believe the false hype about Mexico. The best way to get a couple over any hesitation is to tell them to visit the destination.  Many resorts offer free site vists, you just need to book a flight.  Summer is the perfect time in advance of the busy winter/spring wedding season for them to visit venues and experience all the country has to offer.  Be aware that many resorts offer specific programs and special incentives for clients who want to schedule a site vist one or more resorts before they make their final decision.

Take Advantage of Group Amenities and Special Offers: 

Nearly every Resort has some type of wedding group amenities and value-added offers based on the number of passengers or rooms booked. These can be very lucrative for the bride and groom and will help them off-set their own wedding costs, making the decision to go with a Destination Wedding even more attractive.


Hiring a Travel Expert Eliminates all the Guesswork: 

Most Brides & Grooms have concerns about their guests having a memorable and easy experience.  Hiring a Travel expert will help through consistent communication with your guest. They will handle Resort bookings and  coordinate all the transfer logistics for you & your guests.  Some also are the point person with your Wedding Coordinator at the Resort. The Agent will be your point of expertise between you, your family & friends.  This will ensure low stress on everyone’s part.   

If you need help planning your Destination Wedding, please reach out to us at Compass Travel LLC with all your questions & concerns